I Don’t Remember when I started clenching or Grinding my teeth, after which all my teeth were in bad condition, they were small in size. I had several problems like stress, headaches, tiredness, stiffness in my jaw, sensitivity, and not being able to open my mouth wide open.
Then I came in contact with Dr Vikas Aggarwal, he tried hard to convince me that my entire problem can be solved and they were only related to my bad teeth. He did my full mouth rehabilitation without cutting or damaging my original teeth and perfectly balancing with T-Scan.
Dr. Vikas Did the magic, it is a new life for me with a younger look, no stress, no headache, no tiredness, no stiffness in jaw, no sensitivity, moreover I can open my mouth wide open.

I owe Dr. Vikas Aggarwal and his team many Thanks.

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