Replacement of Damaged Teeth

Dental Care

Replacement of missing teeth. Have you lost a tooth due to decay , injury or accident?? You will be amazed at the advanced tooth replacement options available to you today. Lifelong effects of missing tooth/teeth ~ Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. In case of missing teeth, failing to fix the situation can be costly to both your dental health and overall wellness. You can notice that:

  • Your jaw bone beneath your missing tooth has gone down.
  • Shifting of neighboring tooth
  • Difficulty in brushing and hence more chances of decay.
  • Then multiple teeth are missing, difficulty in eating food and speaking also.
  • Level of self -consciousness also increases. What’s the cure??
  • Among N no. Of options Dental implants is the most advance treatment which has very high success rate and its fit gives you a natural feel.
  • Bridge is also a good option where one can’t go for implants . • Dentures when there is completely no teeth present . It can be both removable and fixed.