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We have Special training and interest in managing TMD(Temporomandibular Disease) Temporomandibular disease or popularly known as TMJ, is a group of symptoms affecting the patients with pain in teeth, facial muscle ,TMJ, temporal headaches, affecting patients efficiency to chew food, speak ,comfortable opening of mouth and even doing routine work. So we are talking care of routine treatment along with dental disease.

At TMJA harmony dental clinic, we create a harmony between teeth, muscles, joint and airway. The maximum stress is on diagnosis of the disease, because majority patients had already visited many different speciality because of overlapping symptoms. We take complete scientific approach in taking history of patients, doing extra oral and intra oral examinations, muscle palpation, taking Digital occlusal analysis using tests like Joint vibration analysis, electromyography, bite test using T Scan, doing TENS ( transcutaneous electro neuro stimulation)and CBCT and MRI.

After the diagnosis is confirmed the patients are treated using orthotics, Disclusion time reduction, neuromuscular dentistry, prosthodontic, orthodontic approach. We also make mouth guards for athletes in contact sports, these sports guards not only protect the teeth form trauma but also enhances their body balance.

At TMJA harmony dental clinic, we follow non-invasive, do no harm approach for achieving maximum medical improvement for our patients.