Cosmetic Braces

Management of Crooked Teeth

We are seeing an increasing number of adults looking to straighten their crooked teeth in India and often only limited treatment can help bring the teeth back into the correct alignment. Sometimes people will have had orthodontic treatment as a child but have failed to wear their retainers contributing to orthodontic relapse where teeth have continued to move back to their original positions. Other people simply never had braces and have always had a slightly wonky smile.

When Is It Possible to Have a Cosmetic Braces?

Where only minor orthodontic corrections are needed, then we can use what we call a cosmetic brace. This is ideal for people who do not have any significant problems with their bite and where only the front teeth need straightening. A cosmetic brace will concentrate on only aligning the teeth that are visible when you smile.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing a Cosmetic Braces?

There are several advantages to choosing this option as often treatment is relatively quick and is reflected in the overall price of treatment. It helps in improved oral health and are more conservative option compared to other treatments such as veneers and where we may have to reshape the tooth. We prefer to leave healthy teeth fully intact and a cosmetic brace can help achieve this.

Are Cosmetic Braces Fixed or Removable?

We offer fixed and removable cosmetic braces and both options can achieve excellent results. With our fixed braces, we use clear brackets that are cemented onto your teeth and which are attached to thin tooth-colored wires with a system called Six Months Smiles. The whole effect is barely visible and is very effective. This brace uses very low forces to comfortably and quickly move teeth, with most people completing treatment within just six months. Wearing a fixed brace can produce extremely precise results and it works continuously to straighten your teeth.

Our removable cosmetic brace is called the Inman Aligner and is powered by nickel-titanium coil springs that are attached to two aligner bows made from very thin metal wires. One of the aligner bows will go inside your front teeth while the other aligner bow is outside your front teeth. The nickel-titanium coil springs create a squeezing action to gently realign your teeth. You can take the brace out for cleaning and treatment can sometimes be completed in just a few months, and again this can be a very affordable choice.