Growth Enhancement Appliances

Management of Crooked Teeth

Children with deficiency in growth of the lower jaw (mandible) may eventually influence the psychological development and overall growth of a child. This may be associated with airway constriction and cause serious health issues such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The standard treatment of mild to moderate airway obstruction involves use of oral appliances. These are either mandibular advancement devices or tongue retaining devices. These appliances are used to improve growth of lower jaw. They are known to improve sleep cycle, are lifesaving and provide substantial lengthening of the lower jaw as well. Compliance towards the use of oral appliances increases when there is a slow reduction in snoring. Regular dental follow-up with one’s dentist is important for all patients who are advised oral appliances. The standard treatment of severe airway obstruction involves invasive procedures such as tracheostomy.