T-Scan for Teeth Force Balance

Diagnostic Tests for TMD

Tek scan or T-Scan is a digital occlusal analysis system that helps to analyse the occlusion, occlusal stability and forces over individual teeth. Proper occlusion is extremely important to avoid any muscular or TM joint problems. With T-Scan, you are able to obtain very exact data you couldn’t before using traditional occlusal indicator methods. With that data input into the state-of-the-art, digital software, we can identify premature contacts, high forces, and interrelationship of surfaces that were not to be had before.


It helps to optimize the amount of force distributed on your teeth while biting and thereby protects the crowns, bridges and veneers from disharmony.
» It helps to screen your biting position and occlusion from the baseline. It guides and monitors the bite throughout the treatment.


It acts as a guide in establishing a perfect occlusal relationship in cases of complete dentures, crowns and bridges and dental veneers. It helps to align the prosthetics in proper occlusion, in order to to distribute the force equally. » To help determine the cause for TMJ pain, TMJ disorder and myofacial pain.