I was suffering from severe headaches. Every morning I used to get up with a heavy head to the point where I felt tired and exhausted throughout the day. Initially I visited a physician for a checkup and was diagnosed with migraine. The medicines prescribed did give me temporary pain relief but the headache started once the medicine subsided. I was also on orthodontic treatment at the time. When I got my braces off, I still felt my jaw to be misaligned with my lower teeth showing more as I spoke. My friend recommended me to visit Dr. Vikas for the problem. Dr. Vikas diagnosed the problem as TMJ, and told me that all my headaches were related to the problem. My neck pain too was connected to this problem. Dr. Vikas designed an appliance for me to wear for the issue. It reduced my pain significantly to the point where I felt active and energetic throughout the day. I have now been on the invisalign treatment to eradicate the problem completely. The treatment has worked wonders. I no longer have headaches in the morning, evening or night. I get up fresh and feel energetic throughout the day. It has been a life changer. Apart from my headaches, I no longer feel any neck pain or stiffness either. I had no idea all these problems were correlated. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the treatment. It feels great to be pain free. I am extremely thankful and grateful to Dr. Vikas for his treatment and diagnosis.

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