THANK YOU Dr Vikas Agarwal

September 2013, I walked up to Dr Vikas with my face NUMB on one side and to top it the mouth opening deflected WAY on one side.. I did not know they were related… The latter I assumed was from a tooth job (done elsewhere) gone bad.

But nevertheless I had to meet him… call it faith… trust… anything.. What followed was nothing less than the highest degree of dedication and professionalism…

With all the DETAILED investigations, readings, analyses and so forth, the treatment started.

My numbness, which hitherto was mistaken to be, God forbid something of Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis and for which I had to undergo MRI Brain, was FULLY treated by Dr Vikas’ treatment.

This took about a month or so, The treatment did not stop here.

While the foreground activities of developing appliances and guidance, consultation with specialists etc were visible to me, the background research, collaboration with counterparts in various parts of the globe through various modes went on…

In the next 4-5 months, my deflection in mouth opening got back to ZERO. Also treated to
a large extent was my headache problem, which I do not know was because of my

All those hours and days so painstakingly spent by Dr Vikas on and off the patient paid off…

Really appreciate the dedication and would recommend this treatment under Dr Vikas for
a successful recovery.

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